Malalcahuello National Reserve
A refuge from nature
The Malalcahuello National Reserve is located 120 km from the city of Temuco, in the Curacautín commune. It is a 31,000-hectare state-protected wilderness area. It is considered one of the most beautiful in Chile, among other reasons, for the unique landscape that contrasts between the volcanic and glacial activity of Lonquimay volcano and the humid forests of araucarias, lengas, ñirres and coihues.
In summer, green trails allow the practice of different sports and outdoor activities. In autumn the red and orange landscapes captivate photographers and those who enjoy bird watching. In winter, its forests and snowy volcano attract hundreds of ski, snowboard and backcountry lovers. Meanwhile in spring, its colorful and striking flowers flood the trails and make it a unique place.
To visit Malalcahuello National Reserve is to connect with nature in all its splendor. It is to feel the energy of the volcano, the peace delivered by the millenary araucarias, observe the purity of the rivers and lagoons, and marvel at its flora and fauna.
From Corralco, located in the heart of the reserve, you can discover and enjoy this landscape all year round.
The Volcano

Lonquimay Volcano, which in Mapuche means "dense forest", is one of the main attractions of the Malalcahuello National Reserve. Corralco ski resort is located on one of its slopes and its wide plains are ideal for backcountry skiing.

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The Pehuenches
Indigenous people
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