In Corralco we have the best ski and snowboard equipment, both for those who are new to this sport, as well as for backcountry and freestyle experts.
Equipment rental Adult Child
Skiing or snowboarding equipment CLP $35,000 CLP $26,000
Only skiing or snowboarding CLP $26,500 CLP $20,000
Only skiing or snowboarding boots CLP $18,000 CLP $16,000
Poles CLP $12,000 CLP $10,000
Only performance ski CLP $48,000 n/a

Daily rates. 10% discount for rentals of more than 3 consecutive days. Those who are not staying at the hotel must leave a credit card voucher with their identity card.


  • Prestige gear: CLP $150,000
  • Full ski/snow equipment: CLP $100,000
  • Only ski/snow: CLP $90,000
  • Ski/snow boots: CLP $50,000

The equipment guarantee will be charged to the guest's room. Once the equipment is returned to the rental, the check-out fee will be eliminated.


1- It is expressly forbidden for the lessee to allocate the equipment to a use other than the practice of skiing and snowboarding, as appropriate, as well as allowing its use in any way by a person other than the user, whose background served for the delivery of the equipment.

2- It is the responsibility of the lessee, at the time of removing the equipment for use, to ensure that the regulation of the fixation of the leased equipment corresponds to the weight, height, ski level and age indicated in the contract.

3- The lessee is obliged to return the equipment to the place where it was picked up, on the agreed day and time. If he does not do so, the lease will be automatically extended for a period of time until it is returned, and the tenant must pay the corresponding rent.

4- The lessee accepts full responsibility for the care of the equipment and undertakes to pay any damage that it may suffer during the lease. Including its replacement value and the damage caused, if so warranted. The cost to pay is the one informed as EQUIPMENT GUARANTEE.

5- In case of loss of the equipment, the lessee is obliged to pay its replacement value according to the price established for the same in the EQUIPMENT GUARANTEE table of the different rental equipment advertised inside the premises, which expressly YOU MUST KNOW AND ACCEPT.